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Design Academy @ Snap Inc. | Mobile Prototype



Through the Daily Aura feature, Snapchat users are prompted every day to take surveys about their day, mood, and other self-reflection topics in order to encourage daily introspection and mindfulness. In turn, they are given a unique AI-generated "aura color" to display and share with friends. 

Daily Aura Main Feature Display Card.png


Background & Research

This feature was designed with the assignment to create a feature for Snapchat that could address users' mental health. Our team consulted subject matter experts from Our Own, a social justice and wellness non-profit organization, to understand what role Snapchat could play in fostering better mental health for app users. 


Our Own shared their experience with us in creating wellness centers at underfunded high schools in Los Angeles and how their work impacted students' mental health. Our research concluded with these main findings:

1) Students were hesitant to discuss their mental health due to the stigma surrounding the topic.

2) Students were more likely to open up about mental health issues over time - after engaging in daily wellness check-ins.

Broken by easing into the conversation
over time 


Given these findings, our team sought to create a feature that would prompt re-occurring self-reflection for everyday Snapchat users, in a way that was casual, non-intimidating., and even fun.  This resulted in Daily Aura.

User Experience Breakdown


Begins when the user opens Snapchat.


A rainbow-colored "aura" appears behind their bitmoji, prompting them to open their profile and complete their daily check-in.

PROFILE (1).png

The feature entry-point:


A button housed in the user profile.

This indicates that the feature survey is both personal and private

Daily Aura Button 2.png

The button opens a survey of questions the user can tap through "story"-style. No pressure here, just you and your own reflection. 

Aura Result.png

When the user submits their survey, an AI-generated aura color, tailored to their response, will pop up.

AURA LENS (1).png

The user will be provided a link to Snapchat's internal mental health resource,"Here For You," and be given the option to share their aura. through a lens.

When the user returns to their chat feed, they'll see the color of their aura displayed behind their bitmoji, as well as their friends'.

If the initial rainbow aura doesn't remind them to check in, seeing their friends' auras will!

CHAT (1).png



Kind, smart, and creative go hand-in-hand with community and self-care.

Daily Aura embeds Snapchat's philosophy of real friends and real feelings by providing both a private space for users to introspect and a medium of outward expression they can use to further connect with friends.

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